Who we are and how we can help

AVID Insurance & Risk Management is Toronto, Ontario is a commercial insurance brokerage and risk management firm. We offer your business or non profit superior risk advisory services combined with a selection of carefully chosen insurance products. Our promise to you is to help your organization best achieve your objectives, and to be there when you need us.

Our goal for your business is to find savings and improve your balance sheet. We do this by examining your Total Cost of Risk. It’s a lot more than just helping you buy insurance. At AVID, we know that ultimately, it’s the insurance claims that you make that increase your total cost of risk. It’s the lost opportunity of having to deal with preventable accidents and losses that you are covered by insurance, as well as those that are not covered.

We’re business owners too. We understand what you want. A hassle free relationship that fulfills the promise to put you back into the same place you were before a loss, and better yet, to help you prevent losses.

When our clients have fires, floods or third party lawsuits, we know that quick recovery from these stressful events is what you pay us to do. We go above and beyond our competitors to get experienced adjusters to arrive at the scene quickly, and follow up for settlements.

You get experts who are there to help you because they’ve done it many times before.

Insurance is a complicated, business. We know that there is more to our business relationship than just placing insurance coverage and doing the day to day service. It’s about providing guidance and efficient service that can help you prevent losses and keep you in business. That’s the AVID way.

Nancy Barkley & Byron Yankou