Fleet Insurance

Having a Fleet Safety Policy is critical to your business. We can help you.

If you don’t have a policy written down that you regularly go over with your drivers, you risk loss to your reputation because of accidents causing critical injuries. We can help you get a written policy that you can refer to help keep your drivers safe and working to deliver your product or service to your customers.

We have clients that have had drivers who’ve had bad accidents. Management lost time from dealing with lawsuits police, media, increased insurance costs to going virtually accident free by making a few simple investments in planning and technology. We can offer you a Fleet Specialist who’ll work with you at your business.

AVID will show you how to:

  • Establish a formal fleet safety policy
  • Conduct pre-accident planning education
  • Provide initial and ongoing driver training
  • Perform regular vehicle maintenance
  • Alcohol and controlled substance policies
  • Proper Cell phone usage

By doing so, we help you drive down your Total Cost of Risk, and your profits up. Call us today and ask for an AVID Fleet Specialist.

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