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For early stage Bio Tech Companies, CRO’s, Clinical Trial Companies, Contract Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors, insurance and risk transfer is another language unto itself. We’re used to explaining and buying this coverage for a niche that has some of the brightest minds in Canada.

We help your company protect and preserve your hard earned capital by having contacts at Canada’s finest Life Science insurance companies. We know early stage bio tech has a substantial burn rate of capital, and we do everything we can to be a key part of your success team. Investors want to see a strong insurance program, and we help you craft one.

AVID Insurance & Risk Management goes back to 1998 in providing Clinical Trials Liability Insurance in Canada.

AVID is part of a select number of brokers in Canada who have expertise placing Clinical Trials liability in Canada and around the world. We specialize in coverage for Life Science Concerns and are members of Life Science Ontario.

We offer your company easy to understand explanations of the type of coverage that your firm needs to protect the scientists and investors in the event of lawsuits. Legal action can arise from disgruntled investors who don’t understand the inherent risks of investing in early stage therapeutics or medical devices.

Exposures that are related to Life Science Research

Risk Transfer for lawsuits that could arise from liability from Preclinical, Phase 1, 2 or 3 Clinical Trials.

Investors can sue Directors and Officers of Life Science companies because of the substantial amount of capital invested, that may not initially yield any results that can be monetized. If you aren’t experiencing positive results from your research to indicate a possible approval by Health Canada or the FDA, then you could be exposed to legal action, however unwarranted it may be.

Business Interruption for your supply chain is a crucial concern because of the interrelated nature of clinical trials research.

Transit can cause your therapeutic to spoil over land, sea or air.

Workers compensation issues for life science workers, who face diseases in the course of their R&D duties by being exposed to pathogens and viruses, as well as chemicals that may cause diseases.

General Liability is an absolute necessity for your services or products that can cause bodily injury or property damage that are the result of your research, development and distribution of your product.

Property Coverage for your stock, equipment, improvements at locations in Canada and around the world.

We can help position your firm for a positive partnership with a big pharmaceutical firm or an IPO.

Has your current broker left the business or is not giving your file the attention it deserves? Give us a call today across Canada at 888-410-1448 for your life science insurance review.

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