Non-Profit Organizations

In addition to having many of the same risks to manage as for profit entities, non-profit organizations also have some unique areas to pay attention to, namely volunteers and the vulnerable.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. Most volunteers are well meaning, and contribute in ways that are positive, helpful and further the mission of the non-profit organization. When properly trained and supervised, volunteers are the driving force that lifts a volunteer organization into the sphere of doing great works for your community. However, like all walks of life, volunteer organizations can attract individuals who aren’t at all qualified to handle finances. A theft or embezzlement of funds can cause a non-profit to go under, or in the case of a registered charity, lose their Registered Non-Profit status from CRA. Volunteers must be screened for their qualifications in the same way for profit companies check references.

When working with children or vulnerable adults, police back ground checks are mandatory if physical and sexual abuse coverage is provided by the non-profit’s insurance company. AVID has extensive experience working with non-profits. We can help you set your organization on the right path to do good, and keep the children and vulnerable adults in your community thriving.

AVID Insurance & Risk Management offers insurance coverage for the exposures that non-profits they face for general , directors and officers & abuse liability. Fidelity coverage is very important in the event that funds are embezzled by a rogue volunteer.

We also have risk management documents to help organizations manage volunteers and handle donated funds. Call AVID Insurance & Risk Management today to discuss your non-profit.

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