Real Estate

Real Estate means very, very big money in Canada. And you want your investment protected, so that you are maximizing the revenue you earn from your income properties. Whether it’s a strip mall, industrial complex, large multi-unit residential building, office tower, or multi unit residential income properties, AVID can help you place the coverage at very competitive rates.

But more importantly, we can help you lower your total cost of risk with our valuable Property Management Library.

When we arrive at your income property, we always have a checklist to go over your exposures with you. We’ll advise you about which coverage to choose to purchase, and several risk management treatments to help you lessen your chance to suffer losses. Because the lower your claims, the lower your total cost of risk.

Remember, your total cost of risk is not just your insurance premiums. It’s the huge savings in time in NOT having to deal with lawyers, adjusters, contractors, engineers, bureaucrats, and all kinds of people who GRAB the money out of your pocket to rebuild your damaged income property. We want you to be doing what you do best as a property owner. Maximizing the most revenue out of your properties. Get AVID Insurance & Risk Management on your team today!

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