This is a small sampling of our satisfied clientele who gave us these testimonials over the years.

Life Science

We’ve worked with Byron Yankou on our E&O and D&O policies. He always explained things to us very well and provided excellent service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Byron Yankou for any corporate or personal needs.

Kamal Gautam - President and CEO of BioQuest Innovations

$6,000,000 Fire Loss

The Greek Community of Toronto is a communal organization established in 1909, and is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Among the many cultural activities and social services that we provide our community, we own and operate four Greek Orthodox Churches in Toronto as well as multiple properties. Since 1991, we have had Byron Yankou, CEO of AVID Insurance & Risk Management Inc. as our risk manager and insurance broker.

On April 3, 2000, the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary’s Church had its interior entirely gutted by fire. Byron Yankou immediately showed up on site and directed the insurance company to make good on its promise to pay. The insurance that he designed for us not only rebuilt our church but also paid for Easter Services offsite at the CNE for two Easters. The loss totalled nearly $6,000,000.

Byron had done his job very well on our behalf and we highly recommend his services to any Eastern Orthodox Church because of his attention to detail for our faith.

Nick Georgakopoulos - President of the Greek Community of Toronto

Toronto Landmark Building Owner, saved money, better coverage, better service

...years ago we had an incident where we had to close for two months... our then insurance didn’t really cover our losses well. We found out our policy wasn’t that good. I knew that Nancy Barkley was in the insurance business and gave her a call.

Byron came over immediately to our cinema and looked over our policy, showed us where all the gaps were, explained to us how we should get more business interruption insurance. Several days later came over with 5 quotes for us.

The quote we picked, the policy he tailored for us was perfect. We saved 20% and our insurance had much better coverage. Who ever thought insurance would be such a positive, great experience. I have to thank Byron, I never thought it would be that way.

Carmello Bordanaro - Managing Partner Bloor Cinema

A freezing cold Sunday morning in February 2008

We had a flood here over a year ago, and Byron was here the very same day. He made sure all our needs were met. He walked us through all the things we had to do. He made sure the adjuster was here, made sure all the adjustments were made. We were serviced very quickly. So I have no hesitation recommending Byron to any restaurant owner out there.

Steve Montisano - Penelope Restaurant

Canadian Top 100 Franchisor

I’ve dealt with Byron for over 16 years. I’m really happy. He looks after me good. He’s a good guy. I’ve had a couple of claims and he’s looked after me very good. Thank you Byron.

Jimmy Antonopoulos - CEO Jimmy the Greek Franchise Group

Reducing Total Cost of Risk, Fleet Safety Risk Management

We operate a well established, thriving wholesale produce business in the GTA. We depend on our fleet to pick up and deliver the freshest produce to our valuable customers.

We had challenges with our trucking insurance & risk management program that came to a head with an unfortunate accident that one of our drivers was in. We were in danger of being cancelled by our insurance company. Our fleet was causing our management team headaches, and taking a lot of time away from our produce operation.

Before we did business with, AVID, they brought in their safety expert who helped us with a fleet risk management plan that our previous broker never offered. They followed up through the months leading up to our renewal. The results were impressive. Other brokers threw up their hands, including our former broker who said nothing could be done. Not only were we offered a renewal, but our insurer was pleased with the safety plan that AVID helped us put in to place. Over a short time period, AVID delivered a significant reduction to our total cost of risk.

We highly recommend AVID Insurance & Risk Management for your wholesale operations insurance & risk management needs.

George Venianakis - Partner Cosmos Produce Company Ltd.

Calgary Flood of 2013

When we first contacted Nancy and Byron from AVID Insurance our insurance broker for Jimmy the Greek, regarding our claim (victim of the 2013 Calgary flood) they where helpful and knowledgeable and let us know that an adjuster will be contacting us soon regarding our claim. Not long after that we got a call from a lady. The lady took our information and started the process of the claim. Unfortunately, the lady was not very helpful and we then spoke with Nancy and Byron from Avid insurance to complete the claim. They then had us sent a starter cheque to help us out and following that we received the full amount of what we were looking for. We at Jimmy the Greek take pride in our business and strive for the best and we think Nancy and Byron from Avid Insurance did as well. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Hossein Siadat Behest - Calgary Jimmy the Greek

Electrical Contractor Saves Money

I came to Byron and Nancy for my business insurance & my house insurance. They saved me lots of money, and I thank them very much. They did a wonderful job.

Matt Swift - Swift Electrical Solutions

Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor

Since Byron has taken over our insurance, we’ve been very happy with his service. Whenever we’ve had claims, they’ve been very prompt to respond to them. When he came on board, he identified areas that needed to be addressed in terms of increasing adequate insurance limits. We’ve been very happy to work with Byron and Nancy the last 10 years.

Adrian Lew - Copperhead Mechanical